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Auto Body repair experts serving the Forest Lake area where quality is always guaranteed. 


About Us

Tired Iron Collision Center is an auto body facility that has been proudly serving the Forest Lake and surrounding communities for over 37 years.  We have a staff of fully ASE and I CAR certified technicians, including a GM certified tech with specialized Toyota/Lexus training. We will provide you with complete repair information so that you can make an informed choice on the repair of your vehicle.

You can relax knowing your vehicle is in good hands with us and our work is always guaranteed.

Understanding your estimate

R/R Remove the part or component and replace it

R/I Remove the part or component and reinstall it

Ref Refinish the part listed

O/H Overhaul the part, take it off, and take it apart to perform a procedure

Sub A sub-contractor performs that operation

PDR Paintless dent removal

OEM Original manufactured part

LKQ A part that is of the same like, kind and condition

A/M Aftermarket part

Blend Blend the color into that panel and clear coat it

I have been in an accident.
Now what do I do?
So you have been in an accident now what do you do? Start by writing down all the nessesary insurance and license information. If the police are called then ask for a copy of the accident report. Determine if your car needs to be towed or is safe to drive. If it is leaking fluid, has a damaged wheel, or a light is broken then it should be towed to the shop of your choice. The Insurance Company or a good repair shop will usually cover the towing charge. When choosing an auto body repair shop know what to look for. Make sure the front office is clean. Are you treated politely? Look around for certifications such as ASE, or I-CAR. This will ensure that you are dealing with a fully trained shop. Ask what parts are going to be used on your vehicle. Do the parts meet the original manufactures specifications? If they are not OEM parts then a portion of your warranty may be voided. Inquire about the paint that will be used for your repair. Tired Iron Collison Center uses Spies Hecker Paints to provide a state of the art paint with a computerized mixing system. Make sure the shop guarantee their color match so that the hue and gloss match the panel next to the repaired area. Carfully review the estimate given by the shop. There is a misconception that an insurance company will only pay the lowest estimate amount. In reality, your insurance company is responsible to bring your car back to its original condition, no matter the cost or who provides the repairs. Keep in mind most auto body shops charge roughly the same as one another. The low ball estimate is typically incomplete and often doesn't include all the necessary items and charges to complete the job. Supplements to original estimates are common. Supplements are due to parts costing more or less than originally quoted and labor time adjustments. Remember, the choice of an auto body repair shop is yours. At Tired Iron we take care of our customers from the first call until vehicle pickup.